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Identifying the type of storage solution you require depends on the products you will be handling on a daily basis. In a warehouse, goods can be managed by units, in boxes of pallets, depending on the level of consumption. They can also be dispatched in the same way, in function of each order.

The method of preparing an order is different if the company which supplies the goods is a manufacturer of high consumption products or if it is intermediate re-selling distribution company of a manufacturer. You could be an end seller such as a retail shop or a company providing services to the public.

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There are also a large number of products which require the contents of a box or a load unit to be divided up. All of the operations consisting of breaking up the load unit (box, pallet, container, etc) to prepare an order are called picking.

Less important activities which are comparable to picking operations, such as archiving, retailing, warehouses for components, warehousing for tools, etc. The criteria employed are the same and the types of racking used is similar but differs depending on the load unit and size of containers or pallets’ used. You can rest assured we will deal with everything for you.

Whether it’s just a few rows of shelves or a multi-tier warehouse – we have a custom solution in store for you.

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