Steel structures (Mezzanines) & Multi-tier Systems Warranty

With our expertise in steel structures, you can make consistent use of your available space as most local authorities do not charge you for using the available height of your building. Additional surface area gained by building upward means that costs are effectively covered. Large areas can be built over, and multi-tier shelving systems can be constructed and integrated with traffic areas.

Available surface area can be doubled or tripled by building over existing storage areas, workshops and machine rooms. By incorporating staircases and if needed elevator systems you can get to any location in your extended warehouse safely, quickly and comfortably.

Our in house team will help you design a Mezzanine platform to use for storage, as an office, or both. Only the best quality materials will be used and the layout of the structure will still give you space underneath. No project is too big or small as we will try to accommodate all ideas.

We would have to conduct a site visit to measure the area intended for Steel platform or you can attach a sketch with the following details and send to [email protected], or simply visit our ‘Contact us’ page.

  • Place where wall fastening is located
  • Layout of loading station
  • Hand rail arrangement
  • Layout of staircase
  • Structural requirements – are subject to local building regulation guidelines, in which free standing rack and platform structures are usually exempt from the authorisation requirement.
  • Please contact our technical advisor for individual advice.

Mezzanine Multi Tier Platform example
Mezzanine Design
Mezzanine Design


We cater for all types of storage system installations from just a few bays to fully planned home, garages, offices, retail units and warehouses so please contact us as we will be with you every step of the way.

By planning, choosing the right racking or shelving for your products, making sure that picking times are reduced and organisation helps make you grow quickly and efficiently.

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