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Good presentation = More sales

The final decision to purchase is made by the customer at the point of sale. It is precisely in specialised trades that it becomes obvious how professional warehousing and presentation techniques can directly affect the success of your business.

For example:-

We provide all racking and shelving accessories to complete your look:

Corner guards & column guards:

  • Safety Barrier for rack fronts:
  • Single Rack 800mm, 1100mm
  • Double rack 800mm + spacer 200mm
  • Double rack 1100mm + spacer 200mm

racking barrier

Bay Spacers:

  • 100mm, 200mm
bay spacer

Damage Safety Guards: (in warning colours black/yellow)

  • Corner Frame Protectors: Height 400mm
  • U-protector: Height 400mm
  • Frame Protectors: Height 970mm
  • Safety Barriers (for single & double sided rack fronts)

Safety Back Stop (Width):

  • 1800mm, 2200mm, 2700mm 3300mm, 3600mm

Safety locking pins & clips:

  • For all storage system manufacturers
  • 2 pins/clips required for each beam

Anti-collapse Mesh:

  • Length Heights Available
  • 1800mm 500mm or 1100mm
  • 2200mm 500mm or 1100mm
  • 2700mm 500mm or 1100mm
  • 3300mm 500mm or 1100mm
  • 3600mm 500mm or 1100mm

End Frame Extension:

  • Depths Available 800mm, 1100mm

Chipboard Retainer (Galvanised):

  • suitable for 30-38mm chipboard decks

Wood Chipboard decking sheets:

  • (For Shelving): Depth 800mm, 1100mm

Metal Clad Decks:

  • (For Shelving): Depth 800mm, 1100mm

Overlaid Grating Shelf (sizes):

  • 60 x 40 mm, 50 x 40mm, 40 x 60mm

Inlaid Grating Shelf (sizes):

  • 60 x 40 mm, 50 x 40mm, 40 x 60mm

Steel Panel Galvanised:

  • Width – Depth – Beam Load
  • 1800mm 800mm or 1100mm 1800kg
  • 2200mm 800mm or 1100mm 2200kg
  • 2700mm 800mm or 1100mm 2700kg
  • 3300mm 800mm or 1100mm 3300kg
  • 3600mm 800mm or 1100mm 3600kg

    Shouldered Shelf Support:

  • For 19mm or 38mm Chipboard
  • Depth 800mm or 1100mm

    Lightweight Shelf Support:

  • Depth 800mm or 1100mm
  • Load Capacity per pair = 1100kg

    Heavy Duty Shelf Support:

  • Depth 800mm or 1100mm
  • Load Capacity per pair = 1500kg

    Plastic Storage Containers:

  • We cater for all types of Linbins’ sizes and quantities


We cater for all types of storage system installations from just a few bays to fully planned home, garages, offices, retail units and warehouses so please contact us as we will be with you every step of the way.

By planning, choosing the right racking or shelving for your products, making sure that picking times are reduced and organisation helps make you grow quickly and efficiently.

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