Cantilever & Long Goods Racks Warranty

For all kinds of long goods storage from rows of small compact racking (single & double sided) for light to medium weight long goods, through to towers of cantilever racking for heavy sections and strips.

  • Solid brand quality
  • Complete safety down to the last detail
  • Built-in expansion options and made to measure custom solutions
  • Quick access to goods
  • Dimensional Variants for Atlas System:
  • Standard height of uprights: 2000mm
  • Standard spacing: 1350mm
  • Standard Cantilever depth: 150 – 500mm
  • Cantilever load: 150 – 200kg
  • Dimensional Variants for Strong Cantilever System
  • Standard height of uprights: up to 5000mm
  • Standard spacing: 1030mm, 1330mm
  • Standard Cantilever depth:
    • Light: 400mm, 500mm, 600mm
    • Medium: 400mm, 500mm 600mm, 800mm
    • Heavy: 800mm, 1000mm, 1250mm
  • Cantilever load:
    • Light: up to 220kg
    • Medium: up to 535kg
    • Heavy: up to 1960kg
  • Load on uprights for cantilevered levels for Strong Cantilever System
  • Light: up to 1750kg (single sided) & up to 3500kg double sided
  • Medium: up to 2880kg (single sided) & up to 5760kg (double sided)
  • Heavy Duty: up to 4240kg (single sided)
  • Please contact our technical advisor for individual advice or for a bespoke Cantilever design.

Meta Cantilever Racking
Meta Atlas
Slider racking
Slider racking


We cater for all types of storage system installations from just a few bays to fully planned home, garages, offices, retail units and warehouses so please contact us as we will be with you every step of the way.

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